La Fortaleza is one of the most important Archaeological sites in Gran Canaria. It is formed by three large rocks: Fortaleza Grande, Fortaleza Chica and Titana.

La Fortaleza is the placed where the events of the 29th of April 1483 took place. On this day the native islanders surrendered themselves to the Castilian troops. The surrendered leaders, Bentejuí and the faycan of Telde, Tazarte, threw themselves off a cliff crying out Atis Tirma! However, in recent times it has been doubted that these events actually took place at this location.

Carbon dating has shown that La Fortaleza settlement was inhabited around 800 years ago, although it is probably even older. La Fortaleza Grande stands out because of its summit. There is a set of engravings on it, a large number of possibly defensive walls and stone made structures linked to ritual practices such as the control of seasons (eg. equinoxes) by some authors. The richness and variety of archaeological remain present at this site (dwelling, burial and ritual structures and rock art remains) have contributed towards the site being awarded the declaration Asset of Cultural Interest.